According to some, Heavy Metal died in the late 80’s. The recent years the genre has had some kind of rebirth with the increasing popularity of Iron Maiden, reunions (Mötley Crüe) and the success of The Darkness. Still theres a lack of new, real Heavy Metal bands – who do not joke around.

Norways Thunderbolt is not afraid to show their passion for classic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, it appear in the powerful, heavy, pounding, yet melodic music – and they know there are millions of Heavy Metal fans around the world who share their love for good music.


With background from a wide range of bands and styles we’re talking a well-experienced and highly skilled team. The music is built on Morten Eriksen and Vegard Waskes tight and solid rhythm section, accompanied with Frank Johannessens sharp, precise riffs and Geir Marius Halleland ripping lead guitars. Tony Johannessen tops it off with his brilliant, unique style of singing – indeed one of Norways best vocalists!

Their debut album “Demons & Diamonds” got massive exposure in Norwegian press and international metal press.

Thunderbolt is a band with the ambitions and integrity to create solid heavy metal but with a clear own identity. They build their music on the Heavy Metal tradition but add elements from a wide range of inspirations – like black metal, progressive rock, hardcore and classic rock. This is surely a band who strive to not be copycats, but to redefine Heavy Metal for the new century.